Falki Aviation Curacao


Our Mission


Being able to fly an airplane is a dream of any child. Due to the complexity and high costs of flying, it became a night mare for a lot of people. Our mission is focused also on those we couldn't finance their training.


02. Get in touch

If you cannot cover the costs of being a pilot, we still have something for you. We do offer possibilities to at least get in touch in airplanes. You can offer your self to our foundation for washing our planes ones a week. In order to compensate for this we do offer a short flight with an certified instructor and back. These hours can be logged in your logbook.


03. Safety

Apart from offering anything when it comes to aviation, we do promote general aviation airplane but also we promote safety matters to our members. With own designed safety videos and material, our instructors will explain several areas of safety and how to prevent and deal with circumstances that could present.

04. Do it here
Based on the new regulations applicable in Curacao, we do encouraged students to stay and do the training at home. This will have some advantages. Studying at home don't required VISA, travel costs, always nice weather conditions, so no cancellation and so on.

Our commitment

About Us

Andrea van Belleghem

As a full-time Air Traffic Controller in Curacao, Andrea joined our team as financial controller and secretary.

Guoretti da Silva Piloto

Guoretti is an activities supporter of Falki Aviation since the beginning. As a private pilot she loves the aviation and encourage the woman to take the step to the left seat.

We have a commitment


Our team of volunteers are committed to you. We are here to help you make your dream come true. Flying an airplane it is. It is simple as long as young get into the stuff.


Most of our members are professional airline pilots with a lot of experience. Also as part of our team we have Air Traffic Controllers who are there to help in the organization. 

Our members and non-members join us every year from several parts around the world to sit in the left seat of one of our Cessna 172 or Cessna 152. 

Falki Aviation Bonaire

In Bonaire we have our sister foundation runned by our Bonaire members. This is Falki Aviation Bonaire and we do the same activities with the main same main goal. At least 2 times per year the two foundations come together to evaluate their respective foundation and make a plan for the future.

With our Cessna 152 based on Bonaire, we can offer a variety of flying on the island. Most people jump with us onboard to experience what is really flying an airplane from the left seat in our introduction flight. Our local instructors will combine this teaching experience with you over the wonderful and colorful contrast of the salt lakes.

We guarantee you that you will love it. Falki Aviation Bonaire can be contacted directly at falkiaviationbonaire@gmail.com.

Arthur Faulborn

As a full-time Air Traffic Controller in Curacao, Arthur Faulborn is leading our foundation as chairman of Falki Aviation Curacao Foundation.

Franklin Antoin

Franklin Antoin is one of the founder of Falki Aviation Curacao. If you believe in yourself and put a vision, you must be committed to make it happen.

Timoty Vaseur

Timoty is a FAA Certified Flight Instructor and is the president of Falki Aviation Bonaire. Together with his Bonaire team we are convinced thathe will take the new born Falki Aviation Bonaire (FAB) to the maximum.

Our Team