Falki Aviation Curacao


Check the latest METAR, TAF, Radar images and all other aviation weather from Aviation Weather Center.


​NOtice To AirMen (NOTAM). Click here to get access to the FAA website to check applicable NOTAM to any airport arount the world.

Login to Flight Schedule Pro to book airplanes, classroom, simulator and other equipments.

Contact Curoil for fuel at Hato International Airport.

Phone: +599 9 432 0425 or +599 9 432 0422.

Navigation log is required while planning your cross-country. This log is required for all cross-country flights. The Pilot-In-Command is responsible to have this document onboard filled in with all pre-calculations.

Dutch Caribbean Air Navigation Service Provider (DCANSP) is the company responsible for Air Traffic Services in Curaçao  and Bonaire and it's FIR.

Call ARO at +599 9 8393352 or +599 9 8393552 for flightplanning.

For all local and international flights pilots need to fill in a General Declaration form. This is an official document that need to be filled and signed by the Pilot-In-Command of any ship.

For local flight, one copy is required for security at the gate of the airport.

Flightplanning can be done by using the Skyvector. It is not an official and approved website for flightplanning but it can be used for area awareness and illustration.