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​​​Here you can find some frequent ask questions (FAQ).

1. Where can I find a copy of the CCARS?
The CCAR is public and can be found at the aviation authorities. You can also download it from our website at the Aviation Regulations tab.

2. Which type of license will I get if I get a license in Curacao?
You will be issued a ICAO-license. Even that Curacao is following the EASA model, you will be not get an EASA license.

3. What do I need to do if I want to convert my Private Pilot License from another country to get an Curacao license?
Private Pilot License can get one (1) year validation if you have the minimum experience by CCAR's for Private Pilot. After one year you will need to do knowledge test at the CCAA.

4. What do I need to do if I want to convert my Commercial Pilot License from another country to get an Curacao license?
In this case you need to do some knowledge test on the level of the license that you are applying for. By passing those subjects, 5, you will get an validation for one (1) year. This time frame allow you to fly for an local operator and make at least 200 hours experience on a PJ-registered aircraft. After you proof that you did this, you are entitled for a Curacao License without restriction.

5. Can I convert my foreign CPL license to Curacao CPL with Falki?
Yes, as long as you are holding a valid CPL from any affiliated State of ICAO. We do offer the course package to prepare you for the CCAA knowledge tests.

6. How long does this course last?
Based on our experience, if you follow our conversion training program, you can be ready for your test within 6 weeks. Before you apply for the knowledge test, our instructors will issue you a school exam. Passing rate is 85%. After obtaining this score, your will be entitled for your endorsement to apply for the test.

7. What are the cost for the license conversion?
This costs are depending on each student. We suggest to contact us at info@falkiaviation.com to schedule an appointment.

8. What do I need to do if my license has expired?
If your license has expired, the new regulation requires you to do a refresher course with an ATO. This will include 3 hours of Groundschool in aircraft systems and an skill test will be scheduled via the CCAA, PEL-office.

9. Do I have to be member before attending any class with Falki?
Yes, since that we are a foundation, we ask a contribution of NAF.300 or $160 per year.

10. How can I finance the course?

The most of our students are self financing their pilot course.

However some local banks do provide personal loan.

In the near future you can also apply for government financing via SSC in Curacao.

This last will be possible after the Ministery of Education has perform an audit and that we obtain our ATO-certificate.

11. Where can I do Language Proficiency Exam (LPE) in Curaçao?

The LPE, also known as English Proficient Check (EPC) is required bij ICAO. In order to receive the certificate with level 4,5 or 6, you need to do the test. This test can be done at Falki Air Center. Just contact us at info@falkiaviation.com.

12. Can I practice and prepare for the LPE?

Yes, we are here to guide and prepare you for all aviation exams and tests. You will be planned with our level 6 instructor who will guide you into obtaining the highest level of LPE.

13. Where should I apply-, renew-, or re-issue my pilot license?

All licenses will be check, prepared and made via the CCAA PEL-Office located at Seru Mahuma z/n. They can be reached at: peloffice.ccaa@gmail.com or by phone +599 9 839-3327 or +599 9 839-3319. There office hours are from 800-1200 and 1300-1600.

14. When shall I apply for my license renewal?

You have to have all your documents ready and contact PEL office for an appointment not later then 14 days before the license expiration date.

- Do your medical

- Check if your LPE is still valid

- Last proficiency check documentation

- Proof of payment

- last 12 months flight experience form must be filled in

- Logbook must be available

15. How can I prepare for the several pilot knowledge tests in Curaçao?

We do provide the required updated EASA software that is more then enough to pass the knowledge test

16. Where can I do the medical in Curaçao?

You can do the medical at Porto Medico Curaçao. Dr J Allaart is an aviation medical examiner and he can do medical for FAA, EASA and ICAO (Curaçao). If you are seeking a medical examination/test, contact his office at +599 9 888-7511 or visit their website www.portomedico.com.

17. Who can do a proficiency check with me for my license renewal?

As long as your license is valid and you are looking for renewal, you can do this with and instructor. You will required to do a proficiency check. During this check you will test on the general aircraft systems and local procedures. Depends on the level of license and/or rating you are holding, your instructor will inform you about the required test areas.

18. I understood that I will need to study additional books for the Curaçao Air Law. Is this true?

Yes, it is required by CCARs that you need to prepare yourself for the Air Law by studying the normal international Air Law, local AIP and CCAR's.

19. Where can I get the AIP and CCAR's?

Falki has made it possible for you to download those documents via her website. Just click on the tab of Aviation Regulation and you can download both the AIP and CCAR's for free.

20. Where can I find the CCAA form that I need to fill in for license renewal?

All forms are available at the PEL-office.