Falki Air Center Ground Schools are based in Curaçao.

Private Pilot License (PPL) Theoretical Knowledge Course


Falki Air Center uses a customized aviation training system together with her international partners. This training system is used by 1000's worldwide to launch their commercial careers. Start your PPL experience on our online system - start your training with professionalism. 100 hours of dedication is recommended and will all be recorded on your personal course timer.

At the end of each subject, you need to attend a mandatory scheduled class to do combined systems review, brush-up session followed by a oral quiz to check your knowledge. (See schedule below for the dates for the Ground School. At the end of the sessions, there will be a school exam which will be at the authorities expected level. By scoring more then 75% for this test, the instructor will make your endorsement for application at the Curaçao Civil Aviation Authorities (CCAA).

To attend the Private Pilot License (PPL) Ground School you must sign-up by filling the form below this page.


Since November 2015, Falki Air Center offer the posibility to study Private Pilot License (PPL) theory from a Distance Learning compter system.
Your dream to the left seat of one of our Cessna's is just a click away. It is a simpler and easy way of study. Your can learn by using the Rote Learning technique that this system offers.

The content of the self-study training system is in English language for all the theoretical subjects that are required by the Curaçao Regulations for Private Pilot License. You can start with the course at any moment.

The online system can be done completely via the internet. Additionally you can follow the complete training offline by means of a professional iPad application with digital study books and presentation. We strongly recommend this option. The progress of your training will be recorded by a personal digital time registration at all time while studying. Our Training Team will monitor the progress of each student and at the end of the course it will be printed and stowed in your personal file with us and held available for the authorities on request.

The material and content are split in three (3) blocks which are sub divided in Stages.

Stage 1 "Operational":
Human Performance and Limitations (040) 4hrs
Air Law and ATC Procedures (010) 4hrs
Operational Procedures (070) 2hrs
Meteorology (050) 14hrs
Communications (090) 2 hrs
TOTAL 26 hours 

Stage 2 " Technical":
Principles of Flight (080) 11hrs
Aircraft General Knowledge (020) 11hrs
TOTAL 22 hours

Stage 3 "Navigation":   
Navigation (060) 13hrs
Flight Performance and Planning (030) 9hrs
TOTAL 22 hours

Study methods and how to study

The above order is strongly recommended by us. Even if you for whatever reason you start with another 'Stage', it is important to start with the 'Study Guides' by reading them into details. After that you can do the 'Key Facts' and repeat them until you feel comfortable in answering the answers, before moving to the next one which is the 'Overview Lectures (OVL)'. After studying and reviewing the OVL, you can start to practice with the 'Quick Questions' and do the relevant 'Progress Tests'. The respective 'Progress Tests' must be done ONLY when you are feeling confident about your knowledge on the subject and/or specific chapter. See the 'Course Direction Notes' at the Online part of your course. 

Exam training and preparation

Every month we do organize a Brush Groundschool (Exam preparation). This is a mandatory section of the total theory training. This training takes place during five (5) consecutive nights from Monday to Friday from 18:30.

During these nights in accordance with a class schedule, our instructor will start by challenging the class for about 30 minutes with the 'key facts' from the respective subject. Afterwards students will receive a internal school exam on the level of the civil aviation official exams. This exam will be hard copy and/or online (optional) and will be on the discretion of the instructor. The results will be checked and discussed afterwards with the class.

​If you want a faster learning track and a shorter finish up program, you need to study all the stuff (subjects) in advance and register to take part of all the 5 'Brush up' sessions. If you want to take only certain 'subjects' during the 'Brush up' sessions, this is also possible until your complete the all the sessions. Automatically this means that your track to complete the subjects will be longer.  

One condition to take part on the 'Brush up'  sessions is that on the night of the 'Brush up' session, that it is required that you have done and pass all the respective 'Progres Tests'. Before the night your instructor will review and download all your records to check and verify your time your have spend.

An advantage for you as a candidate is that you can register and choose to take part on any part or 'Stage' that you want and make your study plan in advance for the next exam preparation and 'Brush up' course.

Data 2016

Week 01 January 4, 2016 January 10, 2016

Week 05 February 1, 2016 February 7, 2016

Week 10 March 7, 2016 March 13, 2016

Week 14 April 4, 2016 April 10, 2016

Week 18 May 2, 2016 May 8, 2016

Week 23 June 6, 2016 June 12, 2016

Week 27 July 4, 2016 July 10, 2016

Week 31 August 1, 2016 August 7, 2016

Week 36 September 5, 2016 September 11, 2016

Week 40 October 3, 2016 October 9, 2016

Week 45 November 7, 2016 November 13, 2016
Week 49 December 5, 2016 December 11, 2016

Class schedule

Monday: HPL & Com, start 18.30
Tuesday: AL & OPS, start 18.30
Wednesday: AGK & POF, start 18.30
Thursday: NAV & FPP, start 18.30
Friday: MET, start 18.30


The official Civil Aviation exams will take place at Curaçao Civil Aviation Authorities (CCAA) located at:


Seru Mahuma z/n


The prices for the PPL exams are NAF. 55 per subject and can be paid at the PEL-office with credit card or debit card. Ones you obtain your endorsement from your instructor, each candidate must go personally to the PEL-office to register for the exam. The officer will register you in the system and schedule you a date and time for your exam. Bring your endorsement, valid photo ID, medical (if you have one) and/or any license or authorization (if you have one). If you are not from Curaçao, Falki Air Center can help you arrange accomodation. If you are up to do all the exams at the same day, you must state your request with the PEL-office.

Course price

For the prices of the required software and the 'Brush up' course and exam preparation, you must contact us to see all options.


If you want to register for the software and/or ground school week for the 'Brush up' and exam preparation week, fill the form below and our team will contact you within 24 hours with all the required instructions and information to enable you to start the course right away.



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