Our goal at Falki Aviation is that you receive correct and valuable information when it comes to general aviation, local flying activities, ground- and flight lessons. Apart from this we can guide, help and advice new aircraft owners that are seeking the possibilities to buy their own airplane. We can go a step further in to prepare your business plan and advice on aircraft type, registration, insurance and maintenance programs.


We aim for excellence. FAC offers several aviation courses given by experts and professionals. Good communication, consider others, task management and crew resource management are some of the courses provided by us.



Together we will make it all happen. We believe in sharing our knowledge and skills and to work together with other partners in the aviation industry. We have created a wide network with all that believe in us and our dream.

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Airport and economic growth can be significant when it comes to decision making and decide in how to invest or no. 



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Friday, 11th of March 2016 was another successful day for us at Falki Aviation Bonaire. We are doing what we were called to do, getting people to our field and area of operation. A total of 15 selected students of Liseo Boneriano has been our guests today at Flamingo Airport in Bonaire. One of our main goals is to have the public more involved and let them get closer to the world of aviation.
We did it from 8AM until 12PM where the students got guidance from our instructors and members along the platform.
We do inspire people, and after today we can look back and see that this mission was completed as expected.
Students got answers about: Where can I study for pilot? How old do I need to take my first lesson? How long is the pilot school? When can I start? How to become an airline pilot?

It was a nice day and Falki Aviation Bonaire would like to thank the Bonaire International Airport, Falki Air Center, Falki Aviation Curacao, Insel Air, Bonaire Air Handling Services and all other companies that collaborated to make this day a success.